Drones. Simplified.

The flight service and mobile app for professionals who want the benefits from drones without the technical complexities and jargon.

  • Identify what is happening at your sites.

    Drones allow you to aerially survey your location at a price point lower than previously possible. Discover issues before they become a crisis. Reveal opportunities you can exploit. Know what is
    happening and create a record for future use.

  • Combine all of your information in a single location.

    Easily import information from third party sources and display in the app. Leverage historical information. Overlay combinations of data to bring context to your maps. Monitor ongoing progress. Identify changes in status. Know what is happening. Quickly adapt.

  • Get the facts on the ground.

    Take and overlay geo-referenced notes (audio, video, photo, text). At your fingertips, have a ground-level view of the details. Easily extend notes into your workflow and use them to solve problems and communicate with your customers. Notes greatly increase your efficiency in a flexible way.

  • Plan the best course of action.

    Maps + Notes = Actionable Intelligence. Review the data and generate a plan. Annotate the map with a tap of a finger and instantly communicate your insights with your team or customer.

  • Assign workers to get the job done.

    Turn a note into a task and supercharge your field workers. Geo-referenced tasks mean your workers do the job at the right location, efficiently. No longer question where something is located.

  • Share your insights.

    Your customers and stakeholders have money on the line. Sharing your findings instantly and digitally keeps them informed and opens a vital feedback mechanism. With your expertise and their knowledge combined, you will get the job done right, every time.